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To pick a name for your child can be tricky. No matter what other people are saying (grandparents, friends, relatives, fortunetellers?)... it's important to stay true to your feelings and decide for a name that you and your partner like and sounds good to you.

HOWEVER, naming you daughter or your son is still very big responsibility for YOU. You are deciding on something that will last your child's lifetime! Do you like one of a kind, special, unique, creative names? Or are you drawn the classic names, maybe names that have special history originated meanings?

Before finally deciding on one name, take your time... Hear what the name sounds like when you call it out, and how it rings with child's surname? Do you like the sound of the initials? Will the name age well along with your child growing up? One name can be so sweet on the little baby, but will it also sound good to a grown-up with a career and adult life to live? Give your daughter or your son a name, that she or he will be proud of and will embrace it for lifetime, not to be embarrassed by it.