Clairvoyant meaning of time, hiccups & sneezing

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what does it mean if ... the clock shows 11:11 or 7:00 or 9:25?
you have to sneeze or hiccup on a particular day?
pomen ure
pomen ure

The clock
shows ...

pomen kolcanja

You have to hiccup during the

sun mon tue wed thu fri sat
pomen kihanja

You have to sneeze during the

sun mon tue wed thu fri sat

To dodge the bad vibes and be ready for life's awesome surprises, we humans like to predict stuff in advance. Friday the 13th, a black cat crossing your path, a broken mirror, three sixes in a row, hiccups, sneezing... People can be a tad superstitious, don't you think? Most of these quirky beliefs and omens come from crazy events that were too weird to wrap our heads around.

Fun fact: studies show that sometimes, believing in something can actually boost your performance on a task. It's like magic!

Speaking of mysterious signs, ever noticed your body acting up with sneezes or hiccups? Wonder what that means, right? Talk to a clairvoyant, who can tell you what time, hiccups, and sneezing mean in the grand scheme of things. Just glance at the clock, peek at the calendar and decode the secret message! And make sure you nail down the exact minute, because it's crucial!

All in good fun, of course! And don't forget the golden rule: 'Be careful what you wish for!'