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Perfect Or Good Enough?

I just came across a reallife story of a young man who committed a suicide, leaving his loving wife and a little girl brokenhearted. With already a brilliant achievements in his career - according to his friends, he was also very sensitive and a good human being - he decided to end his life. I didn't know him personally, so can't even speculate, what triggered him. It's not that common, that even the relatives or friends can't answer this. But such news always stires up my mind.

I'm aware of daily struggles that me and my people (kids, husband, relatives, friends) have to cope and I'm constantly asking my self how are we doing? Especially my little dudes, 2 and 8 years old boys who are figuring out their own personality and individuality?

Somehow I always come to wonder, if too much perfection can be in the way of happiness and a paved stairway to hell of depression and anxiety? Maybe perfection simply isn't for everyone? Maybe it's not even humane to be perfect? How many ambitious people do you know, that are content and not under a massive pressure? Voltaire once said "The perfect is the enemy of the good."

To the people I love, I just try to be comforting and understanding as much as I can. Cause I'm not perfect either. I wonder though if I can mould my children? What life pointers can I give them? Do I wish for them to always work hard, be successful and reach toward perfection? Or encourage them to be good enough, to find balance, to be kind toward others and them selves? Do I want them to be able to embrace their flaws and the fact that life isn't always fair nor perfect?

I think I know to which answer I'm drawn. How about you? I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject.

Bo Janice, Editor of Instrology.com