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Greatest hits from 2 to 3 years old kids

My 2,5 year son Anton is a very free spirited little person - stubbornness and determination being side effects of inevitable Terrible-Two-period, and his, otherwise beautiful and exciting nature. This boys little whims that we are exposed on repeat every day, my husband and I listed as The Greatest hits.

1. Early in the morning: "Anton is hungry. Anton didn't eat nothing!" Once I get up, hunger passes.

2. If I don't jump up right away, he presses: "Anton is pooped! Anton didn't drink anything!"

3. "Where's mommy? Where is daddy? Where is Apo (brother Jakob)?" We are all in his eyesight at the time.

4. "ANNN'LL DOOO THIIIS!" He shouts at almost every task, and he's usually at such a hurry, he will shorten his name from Anton to An.

5. But, he knows how to be sympathetic too: "Mommy are you alright?"

6. Or: "Sorry mommy."

7. When asked what he's doing , we get: "Something already."

8. When he needs to go to bed: "An is not tired."

9. "No! Not home!" He melts down when we pull into the driveway.

10. And finaly: "An needs a Big Spot!" When I put him to bed, or when he wakes up in the morning, he is soothed by caressing beauty dots on my upper arms - the bigger the better.

We are mostly enjoying any of this with delight, 'cause this fun period is slowly passing though. Often, he no longer addresses himself as Anton this and Anton that. I don't want this memory to drift in oblivion, so I put it in my love archive.

Bo Janice, editor at Instrology.com

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