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Choosing the name for our baby

One day my partner and I (senza bambini at that time) went for a walk in our neigbourhood, to loosen up after a day in the office. We were chating, minding our own business, when a woman leans out of window and yelles: "Melanie, you got mail!"

We bursted out laughing. Nothing wrong with the name Melanie, but the situation was comical. Woman was probably aserting the message to her daughter, we figured. However there was no sign of Melanie on the horizont, no one answered, so we could just guess who is the recipient. But, at that moment my partner had an aha-moment and shared his insight with me.

He figured, that particular sentence is a perfect test on how to choose a name for a child: ".........(insert name) you've got mail!" If you feel comfortable, while yelling certain name, this could be the winner.

Indeed we did use this a few years later. Our first baby is a boy and we already had a pretty name for him. Jakob. We've run the test, sounded fine and we stuck with it. Seven years after that, we got pregnant again. Another boy and we had no clue how to name him, but wanted to give him a good name. A name, that he and we could live with, even when someone is yelling it.

Looking for a perfect name lasted pretty long this time, but at the end of my eight month of pregnancy we found it and confirmed it with this fool-proof test. Long story short: "Anton! You Got Mail!" sounded perfect for us.

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