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Moon guide: Choleric Moon

These days, everything around you and in your inner world is very dynamic. Things have to be done, finished, caught-up, which all at once causes stress and nervousness. It seems that you should just clone yourself in order to do everything and able to be in several places at the same time. When there is too much pressure, take a pause for a deep breath and try to avoid conflicts.

Although not everything is bad. Your intuition is particularly awakened and tehere is also room for some romance. You?ll be attracted to new things, but feel the limitations also. Embrace them and try to stay on the positive side.

Be aware of what is happening around you. If possible, take the distance to the problem and try to look at it through the eyes of an outside observer. Be aware that every man has his own internal struggles even people with strangest attitude. Try to be empathetic, but distance yourself from toxic energies as much as possible. Remain friendly or at least respectful.

In these days of rush and hectic, let us be guided by a familiar wisdom: If you feel like you don't even have a minute, take one hour.

Everything will be okay. The pressure will be released after the Full Moon.

Zala, astrologer & numerologist

Photo: Pixabay


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