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Scorpio traits, abilities & relationships

Scorpio traits

You have a great need to analyze and influence the people around you. You demand nothing less than excellence from yourself and others. This is where your competitive nature comes from, and you also often challenge and force others to use their talents to the last atom. Your difficult questions scare many people, but most people have no reason to be afraid. As long as they remain on good terms with you, for that long you will defend them with all your heart. But if one crosses the line and resents Scorpio, one will taste its poisonous sting. He must realize that he has made his worst enemy.

Scorpio abilities

It could be said that you know how to 'smell' people. You almost instinctively know what's going on in an individual's head and you know how to make a conclusion very quickly. Perhaps this is precisely why many Scorpios find themselves in the profession of doctors or even surgeons. Forensics is another area where you can put your keen instinct to good use. With the great persistence you possess, you will not let go of the puzzle until you solve it. There is not a criminal who can escape the hands of justice as long as the case is in your hands.

Scorpio in relationships

It is true that you are a strong and independent person, but both love and friendship mean a lot to you. You carefully nurture them and work hard for them. You need people around you who admire your intellect and determination, and who also have their eyes and heart directed upwards, towards the high goals like you.

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