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Moon guide: Waning Crescent Moon

You have less energy, need more peace, more rest and sleep. In this time is okay to be a little selfish and know how to say "NO" if life or people are too demanding.

Also in the emotional field, there is less energy, so during this period you become instinctively more introverted, closing yourselves in, thinking, weighing, revisioning. Overly sensitive people can also become anxious or depressed.

If possible, avoid starting new projects in the meantime, as you are more prone to mistakes. Your mind is scattered and you find it difficult to concentrate.

Because of lacking energy, the body, more than usual, craves for sweet food. You can have some, but try to enjoy it in the morning and preferably in the form of natural sugars such as honey, fruit, dried fruit and in combination with foods that slow down the absorption of sugar like fiber or protein.

Of course, it is never all negative. These days can be good for some "finishing work" like: saying goodbye to harmful habits, letting go of people that aren?t good company, cleaning, tidying up, dieting, also surgeries and so on.

The weight of this period is most intensely felt two to three days before the New Moon and fades away on the day of the New Moon.

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