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Baby gender: Boy or girl?

My husband and I are two times parents today. And both times we wanted to know the sex of the baby before the birth. Although we are more of a practical sort of people, the physical preparations, the room, the colors and the choice of the name were not the main reasons. As corny as it may sound, the biggest factor was daydreaming about our common future. Ideas about what we are going to do? How will we grow together? What awaits us? Realizing that there are many surprises and unknowns waiting for us on this adventure, we wanted to know at least that.

When I first got pregnant, we've had a feeling we were expecting a baby girl. Since ultrasound recognition of a child's gender is a fairly common practice these days, we tought that finding out the sex of our child would not be an issue. I recently heard that there is even a urine test that you can do at home, similar to a pregnancy test and you can find out the sex of the baby as early as in your 10th or 12th week of pregnancy.

Well, we were among the lucky ones where the baby was mysterious about revealing and it wasn't until around the twentieth week that we learned we're not having a baby girl, but a baby boy! Funny how such news, despite the 50/50 possibility, surprises you and triggers a wave of emotions and wonder. This little growing being, who up to this point has been formless and impersonal, finally gets his first piece of personality, his first trait. A Boy.

Of course, not everyone shared with us the excitement of having sex revealed before birth. We know a couple who did not want to find out the sex of their baby before birth, because they were convinced that not knowing, giving birth would make it a greater experience, perhaps even easier and faster. It would be interesting to see how things evolve where parents have different expectations about this. Where one wants to know and the other doesn't?

I am not sure for myself if I would be able to keep this exciting information from my partner and relatives. I also can't imagine how surprised I would be if, after birth, it turned out that the prediction was wrong and I would hold a baby girl in my arms. Oh boy! That would be a story to tell!

One thing it's for sure, the birth of a child and parenthood is an adventure that come with so many true life stories. Sometimes just amazing, but always full of emotions and unforgettable moments.

Bo Janice

Photo via Pixabay

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