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Pisces in Zodiac

Personality traits

People know you as a kind and gentle person. Those who do not know you, however, often confuse your kindness with naivety. But they have no idea. They still have no idea how much happening, information and detail is capable of capturing your mind. It happens that your psychic abilities and intuition even frighten some people.


You like to help and take care for all living creatures, people and animals. Therefore, you may be attracted to professions in healthcare, veterinary medicine, pedagogy, social work, psychology... With the sensitivity you possess and the ability to unconsciously absorb information and different shades of life, you can also express yourself perfectly in all arts, especially in literature, music, and dance.


In relationships, whether loving or friendly, it is important not to lose yourself in relation to other people. You need friends who respect your sensitive and benevolent nature and will not abuse it. It is characteristic of Pisces that they like to swim on their dream clouds and sometimes these clouds are bright and pink, other times again so dark that they hardly find their way out. That is why you also need people in your company who will know how to take you back to earth from time to time. Try to be receptive to their good intentions and stop feeding on negative energy. In love, you have more chances for a happy relationship if you take enough time and space to accept things slowly. Realize that you have a lot of power inside you. Open your heart to universal love, but take action step by step. You also have to consider some things rationally, look at them from different angles and put them in the right place.

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