Latin Tarot

Welcome to the free reading of Latin Tarot, also known as Tarot de Marseille in latin speaking countries.

This spread is called the Celtic Cross (La Croix Celtique). Concentrate on your question and then click on the button below for your free tarot card reading.

Latin Tarot
Latin TarotLatin Tarot
Latin Tarot
Latin Tarot
Latin Tarot
Latin Tarot
Latin Tarot
Latin Tarot
Latin Tarot

An Ancient Celtic Method of Latin Tarot Divination

Also known as Celtic Cross, this mode of Latin Tarot divination is the most suitable for obtaining an answer to a definite question. Before beginning the operation, formulate your question definitely, and repeat it aloud. Make your mind as blank as possible.

celtic cross

  • FIRST CARD gives the influence which is affecting the person or matter of inquiry generally, the atmosphere of it in which the other currents work.
  • SECOND CARD lays the FIRST, saying: This crosses him. It shews the nature of the obstacles in the matter. If it is a favourable card, the opposing forces will not be serious, or it may indicate that something good in itself will not be productive of good in the particular connexion.
  • THIRD CARD is placed above FIRST, and means: This crowns him. It represents (a) the Querent's aim or ideal in the matter; (b) the best that can be achieved under the circumstances, but that which has not yet been made actual.
  • FOURTH CARD is placed below FIRST, and means: This is beneath him. It shews the foundation or basis of the matter, that which has already passed into actuality and which the Significator has made his own.
  • FIFTH CARD is placed on the right side of FIRST, and means: This is behind him. It gives the influence that is just passed, or is now passing away.
  • SIXTH CARD is placed it on the left side of FIRST, and means: This is before him. It shews the influence that is coming into action and will operate in the near future.

The next four Latin Tarot cards are turned up in succession and placed one above the other in a line, on the right hand side of the cross.

  • The first of these, or the SEVENTH CARD of the operation, signifies himself--that is, the Significator--whether person or thing-and shews its position or attitude in the circumstances.
  • The EIGHTH CARD signifies his house, that is, his environment and the tendencies at work therein which have an effect on the matter--for instance, his position in life, the influence of immediate friends, and so forth.
  • The NINTH CARD gives his hopes or fears in the matter.
  • The TENTH is what will come, the final result, the culmination which is brought about by the influences shewn by the other cards that have been turned up in the divination.

latin tarot

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