Numerology 4  

Diligence and hard work is a lifemark of a person characterized by the number Four.

Four is practical, with a sense of detail, reliable and ready to help. His/ her ruler is Uranus.

Positive attributes that characterize Four are reliability, loyalty, consistency, self-discipline and attitude to problem solving. However, when her personality shows its negative side, this can be expressed through rebellion, annoy, stubbornness, stinginess and narrow-mindedness.

On the love front Four is grounded and generally a loyal partner. However, if she/ he gets the feeling that her partner limits her/ him, it becomes very sensitive and fussy. In the relationship she/he needs a strong partner who is willing to argue and defend his/ hers position. Indecisive or hesitating partner just makes him/her mad. Fours are however loyal and oriented to solving problems, and usually take the initiative and ability to motivate a partner.

Four corresponds well with the numbers 1 and 7.

numerology 4