Numerology 5  

Number Five loves freedom, it is reflective, knowledgeable and even romantic.

It has a vivid imagination and sometimes just crazy good ideas. She loves the diversity and knows how to adapt to almost any situation. His/ her ruler is Mercury.

Positive attributes that characterize number Five are flexibility, ingenuity, wit, curiosity, exhilaration, caring for others. However, when his/hers personality shows its negative side, this can be expressed through the reluctance, irresponsibility and inconsistency.

Five is an attractive person to whom it is easy to fall in love. It is curious, friendly, and flexible. His / her imagination and exhilaration are irreplaceable. To be really happy and expressed its good qualities, the relationship needs a certain amount of change and diversity, as well as a good counterpart to the challenge of her contemplative nature. She/he is adaptable to ups and downs in the relationship, but if the partner is not exciting enough, it becomes indecisive and is not ready to commit.

Five corresponds well with the numbers 1, 6, 7 and 9.

But she/ he should stay away from 3 and 8.

numerology 5