Numerology 7  

Number Seven is a deep thinker in it is strongly imbued with spirituality, introvérted and quiet.

He/ she is not much of a materialist. His/ her ruler is Neptune.

Any person may develop some positive and some negative features. Seven is quite restrained, but attracts attention with its otherness, intuition, wisdom, and almost psychic abilities. However, it may also expressed its less pleasant side of personality and becomes excessively melancholic, resigned, strange, detached and has a I- don't-care-too-much-for -money? attitude.

In love, as well as in all areas of life, she/he is often carried in the clouds of daydreaming and idealizing. Therefore remains an eternal mystery to partner, who can never be able to really cracked and understood his/hers mind. On the other hand, many people just draws its spiritual depth and freedom from the material. Although Seven can be selfsufficient, however, in a partnership is devoted to love and partnership. Partner can be ushered into the height and depth, which most ordinary mortals can not even imagine. Nevertheless, his/hers ideas about love are often too grandiose and alien that they could be realized in everyday life and with partners in the flesh. Therefore are Sevens often frustrated in love, and must be repeatedly collected, together with its ideals been undermined.

Seven goes well along with the numbers1, 2, 4 and 5.

numerology 7