Numerology 8  

A person characterized by the number Eight is a strong, successful and knows the ways with the money.

His/ her ruler is Saturn.

Positive characteristics of the Eight are the ambitiousness, practicality, courage, organization, managing abilitys, sens for money and economy. Eight is very successful in whatever she/he undertake. However, when its personality shows its less nicer side, it can become stiff, stingy, materialistic and even agressive.

n love number Eight is committed, responsible and courageous. Reliable and practical, provides stability and security for partner. But it could happen, that his/hers love becomes cold and too speculative. In the absence of romance and tolerance in the relationship, the love, of course, cools down and Eights can happen to stay alone with the money.

Eight corresponds well with the numbers 3 and 9.

numerology 8