numerology number meanings

Numerology is all about numbers. Who you are... What you like... How do you response to different situations...

Know yourself through wonderful world of numerology and numbers.

numerology 1
Numerology 1 One is a born leader. The number indicates the independence and power. This person is guided by the Sun.
numerology 2
Numerology 2 A person characterized by the number Two is a peaceful mediator, that tends to harmony in relations.
numerology 3
Numerology 3 Number Three is a social, friendly and optimistic individual, who enjoys life and has a healthy sense of humor.
numerology 4
Numerology 4 Diligence and hard work is a lifemark of a person characterized by the number Four.
numerology 5
Numerology 5 Number Five loves freedom, it is reflective, knowledgeable and even romantic.
numerology 6
Numerology 6 A person characterized by the number Six loves peace, stability and harmony.
numerology 7
Numerology 7 Number Seven is a deep thinker in it is strongly imbued with spirituality, introvérted and quiet.
numerology 8
Numerology 8 A person characterized by the number Eight is a strong, successful and knows the ways with the money.
numerology 9
Numerology 9 Nine is tolerant, though not too practical, but benevolent and compassionate person.