Body mass index (BMI) calculator
for kids and teens

This BMI calculator is adjusted to calculate correct values for kids, teens and adults. Each result is calculated by the body mass index (BMI) formula considering both your gender and your age. It is therefore important that all entered data is accurate.

height: ft   in
weight: lb

BMI calculator for kids

Are you in doubt, if weight of your kid is too high, too low or just perfect? This calculator is designed with kids in mind. Original BMI formula is valid only for adults of age 21 and more. This calculator will analyse data on basis of percentile charts which consider child's age and gender. Those charts are also used in Pediatrics all over the world.

BMI calculator for teens

Are you in doubt, if your weight is too high, too low or just perfect? Instead of driving your familiy and friends insane with these questions, use this rather discreet, super scientific calculator. It will analyse your data and explain to you where do you stand with your weight.

What about adults?

Well, also the adults will get precise body mass index (BMI) information according to original BMI formula for adults over 21 years. So, this BMI calculator can be used by whole family!