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Corona virus and pandemic of ill will

There it is. We have it among us. Virus. Fear. And paranoia. Considering that the grocery shelves in stores are emptying at lightning speed and you don't even get a regular hand sanitizer at the pharmacy... Can instant shock in addition to all the bad things bring us anything good? Any new knowledge or cognition?

You will probably agree that as diligently and consciously as you wash your hands now, you have not before. Unless you are a healthcare professional and this type of paranoia is your occupational deformity. Parents with small children also does not have to listen some smart free-range-kids gurus anymore, telling us not to exaggerate with hygiene and control, because a child just has to devour his dose of germs to solidify. Now we all pay attention to hygiene and we all control ourselves. And we are all paranoid to some extent. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

We go to malls mindfully and when absolutely necessary. We spend our free time at home. If we wander around, it's in the fresh air and away from the hustle and bustle. Mass events, where as a rule, too many participants are aggressive or at least ruthless, are canceled. If we are sick, we do not walk among people at all. Because, even if we may not care much about spreding germs, other people will probably give us side eyes or say something that will make us uncomfortable. In short, the current situation is a haven for introverts.

Nobody bothers you with visits or pressures to get together. If you go out or even to the store, empty, wide spaces and clean toilets are waiting for you. If you're squatting at home or going for a walk alone, you don't have to be worried you have a dull life.

Maybe just a little bit of this remote lifestyle can be good for us? Because there is less pressure, even if it means droning around the house or playing board games with your little ones? Because we are so used to being under pressure, to be productive, to do something or be somewhere. To spend our hard-earned money and run that rat race. This situation is shocking to us. Now we have to think differently. To be creative with our free, non-social and non-consumerism time that is hanging above us.

Perhaps the good side of Corona is exactly this. Distraction from all of it. Shutting us out to the outside world and force us to stop and stare at the ceiling or in our loved ones until we wake up and remember how good it feels to be together with no plans or agendas. Similar to running out of electricity. All the street is in the dark. You have to light a candle and you can't turn on tv. What can you do in a candle light? Calling the manager furiously, what's going on? Nervously waiting for the electricity? Will you watch the stars? Read fairy tales? Make love? Go to sleep?

I agree it is not pleasant if you are limited and not having freedom to do things that you planned. But instead of frustrating yourself and others about what has been taken away from you (for your own good) and be pumped up with conspiracy stories, try to consider about how you will turn the situation to be good for you and others. If you have children, talk to them about it. This can be a beneficial experience for them, which they'll remember for their whole life. The new knowledge may even save or protect them further in their lives.

Crises can destroy a society. It can strengthen it. But it can also improve it. Let Us be that change for the better.

Foto via: Pixabay