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The Best Gifts for Pisces

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

It can be a bit of a challenge to pick out a gift for Pisces, since they may not be upfront with what they like or actually know what they want for themselves.

Pisces are attracted to things beyond reality: the world of dreams and imagination, art, emotions and spirituality. The best gifts for someone born in this sign are things or experiences that feed these interests, for example: music, books, movies, trips or wanderings...

Some Pisces often release their emotional tension through recreation. They especially like sports that connect them to their element - water, such as swimming or sailing, so a gift such as a new swimsuit, sailing course, diving or cruising is very welcomed. In general, the "water" theme is the real thing that attracts Pisces and calms their wild emotional world.

Gifts that help to calm down to connect them with their emotions are also very appreciated. Which is why they will also be delighted with scented bath oils, evaporating lights for essential oils or glass cups with a set of floating candles, trip to the sea or just a hike in the nature.

However Pisces rules the feet, so a pair of beautiful slippers, comfortable shoes, socks, a gift certificate for a pedicure or foot massage can also be a very suitable gift...

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