Numerology 3  

Number Three is a social, friendly and optimistic individual, who enjoys life and has a healthy sense of humor.

His/ her guide is the planet Jupiter.

Positive attributes that characterize Three are the joy of life, the spirit of research and self-expression. However, when his / her personality shows its negative side, this can be expressed through absentmindedness, wastefulness and carelessness.

On the Love-field Three is fun, energetic person who likes to experiment. To be happy in love she/ he needs enough freedom to socialize with other people. Possessive partner who limits his/ hers need to go out and about will just make her/ him unhappy, fussy and restless. Only a sense of freedom allows this person to maintain its fun and upbeat attitude to life.

Three corresponds well with the numbers 6, 8 and 9.

numerology 3