Numerology 9  

Nine is tolerant, though not too practical, but benevolent and compassionate person.

A person characterized by the number Nine is a born teacher. His/ her ruler is Mars.

Positive characteristics of number Nine are humanitarianism, activity and determination to improve the world. However, when his/hers personality shows its less nicer side, this can be expressed as a bad mood, defiance and unrest. She/he could even intimidate people and making unpleasant scenes.

In love number Nine is very dedicated and willing to please. Sometimes, even too much, so she/he quickly becomes a pushover. In his/hers love to partner he/she is more than willing to carry the burden of everyday problems and do whatever it is in his/hers power to help out. If provoked, however, the seemingly harmless Nine, it can also change to a roaring bear and erupts like a volcano. At that time, partner better to maintain a safe distance.

Nine corresponds well with the numbers 3, 5, 6 and 8.

numerology 9