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Parenthood according to horoscope & astrology

ARIES - 'Love goes through the stomach' is their life motto.

TAURUS - Spoils children.

GEMINI - Complains to friends about the family.

CANCER - Worries and panics.

LEO - Points out that he/she is the only one who does anything in the family.

VIRGO - Devotes a lot of energy to cleaning and organizing.

LIBRA - Sleeps until three in the afternoon.

SCORPIO - Strives to create the best family possible.

SAGITTARIUS - Plans vacation most of the time.

CAPRICORN - Tries to be the most popular parent with the kids and also their friends.

AQUARIUS - Helps everyone solve their problems.

PISCES - Apologizes most of the time.

What do you think? Is there some truth in those accusations?

As parents, we are certainly all very special, with good intentions and also with mistakes that many times we may not even be aware of, as they are a reflection of our personality traits. ;-)

Zala, astrologer & numerologist


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