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Flower meaning

A red rose is a sign of love. Everyone knows that. After all, the movies are full of macho dudes who woo their chosen ones with a bunch of red roses and swear to love them for the rest of their lives.

With different flowers, of course, you can express something other than eternal love ... The language of flowers is a very old tradition and an interesting way to express emotions without unnecessary words.

  • Red roses meaning - I love you.
  • Yellow roses meaning - I'm jealous!
  • White roses meaning - I'm worth it!
  • Pink roses meaning - I can't decide.
  • Orange roses meaning - Kindness, admiration, sympathy.
  • Single dark red rose meaning - I'm shy.
  • Single rosebud meaning - A confession of love.
  • Single red rose in full bloom meaning - Beauty.
  • Rose without thorns meaning - Quick attachment.
  • White and red roses meaning - Unity.
  • Green rose meaning - I'm from Mars.
  • White carnation meaning - Don't come near me!
  • Pink carnation meaning - Female love.
  • Yellow carnation meaning - Remorse, regret.
  • Dark red carnation meaning - My poor heart!
  • Lily meaning - Flirting.
  • Common Lilac meaning - Don't let me wait.
  • Red tulips meaning - A confession of love.
  • Dandelion flower meaning - A prophecy of love.
  • Forget-me-nots meaning - Don't forget me.
  • Orchid meaning - Happiness, joy.
  • Lotus flower meaning - Alienated love.
  • Ivy meaning - Fidelity, marriage.
  • Amaryllis meaning - Majestic beauty.
  • White hyacinth meaning - Unobtrusive loveliness.
  • White camellia meaning - Loveliness.
  • White daisy meaning - Innocence.
  • Iris meaning - I have something to tell you!
  • Yellow iris meaning - Passion.
  • Purple iris meaning - Faith, hope, courage, wisdom.
  • Pear flower meaning - I'm sentimental.
  • Peach blossom meaning - I am your prisoner!
  • Passion flower meaning - Faith, hope.
  • Sunflower meaning - Hope.
  • Jasmine meaning - Sensuality.
  • Crocus meaning - Youthfulness and cheerfulness.
  • White lily meaning - Sweetness, purity and virtue.
  • Orange lilly meaning - Confidence, pride, and wealth.
  • Yellow lily meaning - Thankfulness and desire for enjoyment.
  • Violets meaning - Trust.
  • Peony meaning - Prosperity, good luck, love and honour.
  • Fern meaning - Enthusiasm.
  • Yellow daffodil meaning - New beginnings and rebirth. I'll always remember.
  • Rosemary meaning - A memory of love.
  • Lavender - Purity, devotion, grace and calmness.
  • Primrose meaning - Young love. Can't live without you.
  • Calendula meaning - Passion, creativity and fertility.
  • Purple fuchsia meaning - You're classy!
  • Clover meaning - I'm waiting for your answer.
  • Four-leaf clover meaning - Be mine!

If you think your secret love will still have trouble understanding what a fragrant gift from you stands for, send her/him this miniature dictionary of the language of flowers.

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